Register to the Call for Musical Creation Composers.

The call for projects is open from March 20, 2023.

Deadline to send in the proposal: July 1st, 2023 at 00h UTC with the following documents :

- CV of the composer
- 2 or 3 pieces and their recording
- Presentation of the writing project according to the 4 alternatives below (one page maximum)

Instrumental and technological set alternatives:
1 – tuba, saxophones, flutes, percussion, piano, electronics and video
2 – tuba, saxophones, flutes, percussion, piano, electronics
3 – saxophones, flutes, percussion, piano, electronics et video
4 – saxophones, flutes, percussion, piano et electronics

Application to be sent by email: Please send the links via google drive, dropbox etc. for the scores and youtube, soundcloud etc. links for the recordings.

Result of the selection: End of July 2023 Project follow up :
- The selected composers will write a piece for one of the proposed sets during the 23-24 season
- Deadline for the scores (director and separate parts): March 30, 2024
- Duration : 6 - 8 minutes
- Tuition fees will be covered by the MIXTE Academy

Une commission composée de compositeur·trice·s et d’interprètes examinera les dossiers.

Call for musicians, composers & musical ensemble

The academy does not cover any scholarship, travel or accommodation. Trainees must find accommodation on their own. MIXTE can give them a list of accommodations in Talence.

Registration fees would be refunded if the academy was canceled by COVID-19 measures, with the exception of a € 50 administrative fee. On the other hand, the disruption of modes of transport, health recommendations and quarantines, the requirements relating to containment or tests will remain the responsibility of the intern to whom it is up to organize his visit while respecting the measures related to COVID- 19, both in his country of origin and on arrival in France.