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For the purpose of this academy, a call for project is being opened to all composers seeking to create a bridge between music and technologies.
Four projects will be selected by a commission including composers and interpreters. The selected composers will have regular contacts with Martin Matalon and the Proxima Centauri musicians during the 2023-24 season to help them develop their writing project.
They will then rehearse their piece with the Proxima Centauri ensemble and the guest composers during the week-long Academy, from 5th to 11th July 2024.
MIXTE is a partner of the MÀD Festival that takes place in October in the Bordeaux greater area. In 2024, a « young generation » stage will present the selected pieces for a world premiere.

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The call for projects is open from March 20, 2023.

Deadline to send in the proposal: July 1st, 2023 at 00h UTC with the following documents :

- CV of the composer
- 2 or 3 pieces and their recording

- Presentation of the writing project according to the 4 alternatives below (one page maximum)

Instrumental and technological set alternatives:

1– tuba, saxophones, flutes, percussion, piano, electronics et video
2 - tuba, saxophones, flutes, percussion, piano, electronics
3 – saxophones, flutes, percussion, piano, electronics and video
4 – saxophones, flutes, percussion, piano and electronics

Application to be sent by email:

Please send the links via google drive, dropbox etc. for the scores and youtube, soundcloud etc. links for the recordings.

Result of the selection: End of July 2023

Project follow up :

- The selected composers will write a piece for one of the proposed sets during the 23-24 season
- Deadline for the scores (director and separate parts): March 30, 2024
- Duration : 6 - 8 minutes
- Tuition fees will be covered by the MIXTE Academy

Une commission composée de compositeur·trice·s et d’interprètes examinera les dossiers.

Call for musicians, composers & musical ensemble

The academy does not cover any scholarship, travel or accommodation. Trainees must find accommodation on their own. MIXTE can give them a list of accommodations in Talence.

Les frais d’inscription seraient remboursés si l’académie était annulée, à l’exception de 50€ de frais d’inscription.